LCD Sunshade

For Camera LCD Sunshade:
  • 1.Allows you to view your LCD screen outside in bright light without reflections or glare
  • 2.Innovative folding shade design protects your screen from scratches and impacts and keeps your camera looking like new
  • 3.The adhesive does not damage the camera when the shade is removed, nor does it leave behind any film.
  • 4.The two-part design enables easy removal of the shade while keeping the clear plastic in place for protection

Their are many camera models:

  • For Nikon: D500 / D600 / D610 / D800 / D800E / D810 / D810A / D850 /  D7100 / D7200 / D7500 / D4 / D4S / D5
  • For Canon: 5D mark III / 5D Mark IV / 6D Mark II / 1DX Mark I / 1DX Mark II / 6D / 7D Mark II