STSEETOP Nikon D850 Case

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  • 1.Compatibility : Just fit Nikon D850 Only. Buttons line up perfectly, cutouts match and the contour of the camera is followed accurately.Allows you get access to all featured buttons, Battery Door, Memory Card, Hotshoe, Strap Hook, Lens etc.
  • 2.Material : Using High Quality Silicone Material, Soft and perfect matching, perfectly protects the camera from scratches, bumps or even a small drop.Dedicated Rubber Housing for Camera.
  • 3.Surface : Exclusive Texture Surface Design , Soft Hand Touch. Offer Additional Grip,The texture is what really separates this from others, it feels good, looks good and gives it additional feel grip.
  • 4.Looks great : This adds to the overall look of the camera with the mat finish. The buttons have a subdued look which makes it look even better.Provides some added protection for the camera without adding a lot of weight or bulkiness to the body.
  • 5.NOTE : Package just silicon case,the Camera is excluding. STSEETOP ,Trustful Partner for your camera. Please don't trust other sellers' counterfeit products !!!